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    Transform Stress Into YOUR Success – BUY

    Transform Stress Into YOUR Success:
    How to Minimize Stress and
    Maximize Success In Today’s Economy

    The Solution
    When stress is thrown your way, the only thing you can control is
    your reaction to it. The better you get at controlling your reactions, the more
    resilient you’ll be, and the more likely you’ll be able to transform a bad
    situation into a positive one.
    Stress provides the body with energy. That energy tends to be spent
    worrying or feeling anxious, but what if you could use that energy for
    GOOD? You’d be able to transform that negative, nervous energy into
    positive outlets that improve your life!
    Are you trying to cope with these types of stress?
    Success free icon Money: financial stress and strain
    Success free icon Conflict: unresolved issues with co-workers, family, or your ex
    Success free icon Job: fear of job loss, burdensome workload
    Success free icon Health: your own or the health of a loved one
    Success free icon Uncertainty: fear of the unknown, worry about the economy
    Success free icon Family: pressure from your spouse or parents, lack of communication,
    resentment, or distance


    Success free icon The Solution
    Success free icon Why You MUST Reduce Your Stress
    Success free icon Daily Stress-Busting Techniques
    Success free icon Strategies to Conquer Specific Stressors
    Success free icon Financial Stress
    Success free icon Conflict
    Success free icon Stress at Work
    Success free icon Health Stress
    Success free icon Uncertainty
    Success free icon Family Stress
    Success free icon Putting It All Together: From Stress to Success

    Daily Stress-Busting Techniques
    Preventing, reducing, and eliminating stress (or redirecting its energy into positive ways) are all important. When you take daily action to create a peaceful, harmonious life, you’ll find that things more often go your way and outcomes are in sync with what you desire. Make a habit of doing these things every day to create harmony in your life:

    Start your day stress-free. Each day is a new fresh start. It’s like they say: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Use these tips to enjoy the beginning of the day and let one good thing lead to another.
    Success free icon Throw out your alarm clock if it has a harsh sound. Loud alarms cause immediate stress the very moment you awaken. Accustom yourself to waking up to beautiful music or the sounds of nature. The idea is to be coaxed out of your sleep rather than hounded out of bed.
    Success free icon Give thanks for the new day. Remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for, rather than jumping into stressful thoughts immediately.
    Success free icon Sing a happy tune. Having a happy tune in your head puts you in a good mood. Here’s a perfect song to start your day: “It’s a Good Day” by Perry Como. This song is in the soundtrack for the movie Blast from the Past.

    Pray or meditate. Take time each day to visualize living the life you desire and give thanks for it. Imagine everything as if it has already happened. Vivid, real, and positive are the key concepts which will help
    you achieve this life.
    Success free icon Take in everything with all your senses, feel the emotions, and actually see yourself living your stress-free life.
    Success free icon Feel your stress melt away and fully enjoy where you are.
    Success free icon Prayer and meditation can both relax you and bring you energy. You can use the power of prayer or meditation to prepare for the day ahead and end your day on an uplifting note. Best of all, your positive energy will attract more good things to feel good about in your life.

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