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About MogulMoxie® is a resource center for women in business and those who want to be.  Our website features information created to help you get more courage to do the Work you have been called to do, more confidence in your ability WIN regardless of the ease or difficulty of the path ahead and more cashflow into your company.  We also love to spotlight women who write for women.  If you’re an expert who helps women build abundant and joyful lives, we want to feature your work.

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Hey Lady! It's time for you to ALIGN Your Life.

It is important for women to align their mindset with the faith and their faith with their purpose more than ever.  We are in a season around the world in which the voice is women who lead is more and more being recognized as essential to the growth, progress, well-being of individuals and the world at large. 
The MogulMoxie® the MogulMoxie brand is committed to providing resources and support that teaches women how to increase their confidence, courage and cashflow.
The “Hey Lady! ALIGN Yourself” series was written and curated by our founder TC Cooper to provide mental motivation to help women who lead do three things: 
(1) Remember who God created you to be;
(2) Focus on what matters; and
(3) Do what is essential. 
Our parent company developed the ALIGN Productivity & Goal-Setting Planner to be a resource for aligning yourself with what matters most.  You can learn all about the ALIGN planner and purchase your very own printed or digital copy at

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MogulMoxie® Mavens was created to gather and then share these moments with women around the globe. Women who are yearning for change in their lives and ready to be inspired by women like YOU ~ and the moments that have shaped your lives.


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