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    Instructions for Submitting Content



    Create a document on Google Drive (www.Google.com/Drive) that includes the following information:

    1. Your entire article with a working title.A short bio (less than 160 words).
    2. A link to a headshot or other professional photo that we should include in your bio.
    3. The following information:
      • Success free icon Full Name
      • Success free icon Company Name
      • Success free icon Title
      • Success free icon Website URL
      • Success free icon Twitter Handle

    When including links into your article or bio, please put the links brackets like this: [http://Facebook.com/UpwardAction].

    Share your Google document with us using the email address “MogulMoxie@UpwardAction.com.”

    Put the following in the message: MogulMoxie Submission; Insert Your Name

    If you have any questions about this process, please send a direct message to us on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/MogulMoxie or email us at MogulMoxie {@}  UpwardAction.com.



    Send your article as plain text in the body of an email to MogulMoxie{@} UpwardAction.com along with the following information:
    1. Success free icon Full Name
    2. Success free icon Company Name
    3. Success free icon Title
    4. Success free icon Website URL
    5. Success free icon Twitter Handle
    6. Success free icon Short Bio
    7. Success free icon A link to your headshot
    Include your name and the title of your submission in the subject line of your email.  Please do not send any attachments. 



    Word Count:

    We do not have a minimum word count; however, most of the articles accepted for publication are between 300 and 1500 words. All articles are expected to provide clear and concise value.

    Original Content:

    All articles must be unique and original. We do not accept submissions of content that have been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog). Articles that have been published in printed publications are fine. Just let us know when and where your article has been published and confirm that you have full rights to authorize the republication of your content on MogulMoxie.com.    If your content is published on MogulMoxie.com, you agree to not publish the written text that you provide us on any other platform for at least 12 months.  This does not include videos or audio files.  This only includes written text in your articles/blog posts and the written text that accompanies your audio files.

    Grammatically Correct:

    We do our best to make sure the articles we publish are grammatically correct and otherwise error free. No one is perfect (including US!) so, while our team can (and will as needed) edit your content to correct a few errors, we are not in the business of rewriting content for publication.  So, put the spell and grammar check features in word processing system to use. 🙂



    When you write for MogulMoxie.com or any of our sister websites, we’ll blast your article and your brand to our online communities. Your article will be featured on MogulMoxie.com, shared on our Twitter feed multiple times, featured on our Facebook account and have a permanent home in our online library of fantastic content.

    Now that you know what to do, submit an article to us. We’re waiting to read your submission!



    The online publishing arm of our parent company Upward Action LLC has published tons of articles on a wide variety of topics that include but are not limited to business, marketing, social media, career, spirituality, health, wellness, mindset and mental clarity.   We accept lots of articles from lots of different writers.

    With so much content, it’s possible that we have an article that is similar to what you’d like to submit in our publication que.   So, if we reject your submission, do not be discouraged or take it personally. Simply wait 14 days and submit another article.   The more times you submit (every 14 days), the more likely our company have the pleasure of publishing your work.

    If your content is accepted for publication, you affirm that:

    1. Success free icon You are the author;
    2. Success free icon Your content is original;
    3. Success free icon You agree to not publish the written text in your submission on any online format for one year;
    4. Success free icon MogulMoxie.com and its parent company Upward Action LLC have the full right to publish your article on our websites, electronic newsletters, and in our online communities; and
    5. Success free icon You retain all ownership of your content. You also retain full rights to publish the content on other online platforms 12 months after your content is published on MogulMoxie.com.

    The waiting period includes your website or blog.  You must wait 12 months before publishing any written content that is published by MogulMoxie.com anywhere else online.



    For even more exposure to our online communities, apply to become a MogulMoxie® Featured Columnist.  This requires a commitment to write 9 articles over the next 6 months.

    If you’re interested in applying to become a Featured Columnist, you must submit 3 completed articles and commit to submitting one article a month for the next 6 month.  Become a #MogulMoxie Featured Columnist is a powerful way increase your brand exposure among successful women who are actively seeking information to help them excel in their businesses, careers and personal life.

    Email us at MogulMoxie {@} UpwardAction.com for the details.

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