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    A Prayer for Direction

    A Prayer for Direction


    Prayer is the gateway through which we have direct access to our Father in heaven.  Prayer provides an opportunity to spend time with God and find peace in the comfort of God’s presence.


    Through prayer, we have the power to make our requests known to God and, most importantly, hear from God what He would have us to do in our lives.


    When you’re lost, confused and unsure of what do say or do next, go to God for the answer.   Here’s a prayer from Joel and Victoria Osteen to help you get moving in the direction of your purpose.


    A Prayer for Direction:

    Heavenly Father, thank You for allowing Your healing waters to flow through me by your precious Son, Jesus. I choose to pour out life onto others and refresh them with life-giving words. Direct my words, order my steps, and let everything I do glorify You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Joel & Victoria Osteen

    Visit www.JoelOsteen.com to learn more about the ministry of Joel and Victoria Osteen.



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