MogulMoxie Maven Spotlight: Lynn Abaté-Johnson

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Welcome to another inspiring installment in our MogulMoxie® Maven series, where we spotlight women who are not just making waves but creating lasting ripples of empowerment and leadership.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to MogulMoxie® Maven Lynn Abaté-Johnson. Lynn’s journey is a powerful narrative of resilience and authentic leadership, and her story is set to inspire and motivate every reader.

Introducing MogulMoxie® Maven Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Lynn shares her wisdom in the chapter titled “You Are Worthy Of Love.” In this heartfelt piece, she dives into her personal experiences to confront the “stigma of shame & embarrassment” she endured for years. Her bravery in sharing her story aims to support other women who might find themselves in similar situations, showing the transformative power of embracing and sharing one’s truth.

Why This Chapter Matters

Lynn explains, “It was important to write this chapter to crush the stigma of shame & embarrassment I held for so long, in service of other women who may find themselves in a similar situation as I was years ago.” This chapter is more than a story; it’s a source of hope and a call to action for women everywhere to stand tall and reclaim their worth.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Through Lynn’s narrative, readers are invited on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She aims for her readers “to be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged to stand up for themselves by claiming their unique voices.” This chapter is not just about Lynn’s experiences; it’s about reflecting the potential within each reader to overcome adversity and emerge stronger.

Beyond the Page: Lynn’s Impactful Work

Lynn is an inspirational keynote speaker, International Bestselling Author, Global Community Builder, and Business Consultant. She helps entrepreneurs and brands to “speak human,” building true global communities at scale. Her expertise is in guiding brands to authentically connect with their audience, transforming prospects into loyal advocates through genuine engagement.

“One of the biggest challenges for businesses in our digital world today, is to “speak human” in order to draw their perfect customers in, and grow prospects into loyal, well-paying, returning and referring advocates. I teach brands how to show up, and grow these kinds of rewarding communities of clients & customers.”   Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Connect with Lynn Abaté-Johnson

Ready to learn more about Lynn’s inspiring journey? Visit to explore her work and discover how to build your own true community.

Embarking on Your Journey of Empowerment

As we wrap up this inspiring feature, we encourage you to continue your journey of empowerment and leadership.  Join us in celebrating and learning from the incredible journey of Lynn Abaté-Johnson. Get your copy on Amazon and be part of this empowering journey.

Bye for now, and remember, your voice is powerful, your story matters, and you are indeed worthy of love.


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