MogulMoxie Maven: Aisha Hinds

Reject #AlternativeFacts and Embrace the Truth of Your Power.  

Far too often, too many of us live our lives as if in a vacuum and if everything is about us. Neither of these things are true; they are alternative facts.

Regardless of if we realize it or not, our actions and thus our lives have an impact – either positive or negative – on the people around us. Sometimes this impact is clear when it’s happening, other times the impact is subtle or even subconscious and may not manifest for days, months or even years.


I believe the experiences we have, the people we encounter, and the lessons we learn on our life’s journey are gifts meant to be shared intentionally with those whose paths we cross. It is through our sharing that others find the courage, confidence and boldness they need to complete their Work on life’s journey.

Our lives inspire, regardless of whether inspiration is our intent. If fact, the ingenuity and brilliance that emanates from a single human being who understands her purpose and place in the world, can literally transform lives. And in doing so, can transform our world.

The stories of our journeys through life provide beacons that illuminate the paths of those who dare to dream big dreams – and are willing to work hard to make those dreams a reality.
Our personal stories create energy with the power to breathe life into the dreams of those who encounter us.


I’ve been blessed to meet amazing people on my life’s journey thanks to the power of social networks like Twitter, Periscope and Facebook. Many of these people have become clients, students in my social marketing training academies, colleagues and even dear friends.

I have also been blessed to be inspired by people in my online communities who have positively impacted my life – even though we’ve never met in person.

In addition, living in wonderful cities like New York and Washington, DC has given me the opportunities to have conversation with people – some famous and others not – who have shared things that have impacted how I view the world. For these things, I am thankful.

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Today is the first Saturday in the month of March – Women’s History Month. To celebrate, I am relaunching to share the stories of women who using their lives and business to build legacies that not only inspire people now, but will continue to inspire others in the year to come.  These women are champions who continuously exhibit the MOXIE required to make their dreams their realities.

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Throughout the remainder of this month, you’ll read words of wisdom directly from women who are living with intention and purpose – and in some cases you’ll read about my conversations with the amazing inspiring women I’ve met along my journey. One of the many things these women have in common is they are experts who have MOXIE and so I call them MogulMoxie® Mavens.

Starting today, will profile a fantabulous woman every evening at 9 PM (EST). I hope you’ll reserve this time in your schedule to grab your favorite beverage and settle in to be inspired by a woman who is on a journey to transform the world around her.

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We’re launching the MogulMoxie® Maven Series by featuring a woman I don’t know personally, but recently had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by her at a special viewing for her trailblazing television show – Underground.
Her name is Aisha Hinds and she is the talented actress who plays Harriet Tubman, a real-life superhero woman born a slave, who walked this earth and led more than 700 people from slavery to freedom.

Becoming Harriet Tubman

During a panel discussion about her process in preparing for such a monumental role, Aisha shared that becoming Harriet Tubman required her to first read and study everything she could get her hands on about the life of this phenomenal woman and leader.

Aisha shared that once she learned everything she could for this role, she released herself from all she learned to allow the spirit of Harriet Tubman to take over. Aisha was committed to not only showing Harriet Tubman as a visionary warrior who literally rescued hundred from slavery, but humanizing her so the audience could get to know the woman behind the legend who lived, loved, hurt and prevailed. This process of learning and then being provides a powerful lesson for us all.

Take a moment to let this process sink in.

• Learn.
• Know.
• Be.
• Become.

Here’s what I know for sure …

[Tweet “Operating in our brilliance happens when we learn all that we can – and then operate from who we are and not just what we know.”]

While knowledge is essential for success, it is just the starting point from which growth and transformation are birthed.

The Wrap Up

What you’ve just read is what I learned from my encounter with the talented Aisha Hinson. Our brief conversation was a gift to me. I hope reading about it has been a blessing to you.

Be sure to watch Aisha Hinds on Underground, follow her on Twitter and connect with her on Instagram.

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