Affirmation: I am moving in the direction of my dreams.

I am the body in motion that stays in motion.
I consistently move in the direction of my dreams.

Forward Movement is essential to building the moxie (e.g., courage, confidence and swag) of a mogul.

This universal law of physics applies to both my body and mind. Once I start an activity, it’s easy to maintain momentum. Knowing this, I can soar past obstacles in my path and remain focused on my tasks and goals.

I create my action plans so they begin with undemanding tasks. This allows me to start any project with ease. Then I can quickly complete that task and move effortlessly onto the next, gaining momentum as I move forward.

The energy of my forward momentum helps push challenges aside. My active and focused mind is able to figure out a way to work with or overcome difficulties. Sometimes I may have to alter my plans, but I always maintain momentum.

It is similar to a game of pool. Once the cue hits the ball with enough energy to give it a strong push, it continues its momentum regardless of anything in its path. When it hits another ball or the wall, it simply changes its path and keeps going.

Like the ball, each and every day I have a chance to take my turn and do with it what I will! I choose to maintain my forward momentum with my eyes on my prize, even if I must change my plan from time to time.

Just as the ball comes to a stop at the end of its turn, I wind down at the end of the day and rest. The next morning I feel rejuvenated and I have the energy to take another exciting turn in this wonderful game of life!

Today, I strive to be the body in motion that stays in motion. With my forward momentum, I can handle anything that steers me away from my tasks. I may change my route to overcome challenges that arise, but I am still on course to attain my goals.

Now that you’re on your way to building your mogul moxie through directing your subconscious through affirmation, it’s time to delve deeper.   Answer the following questions, then think about your answers.   Are you behaving in a way that is leading to the life and business of your dream?   If not, adjust your behavior … starting … right now.

  1. Am I taking the actions necessary to live the life of my dreams on a daily basis?
  2. What challenges and obstacles am I allowing to stop my momentum?
  3. How can I alter my path to get past these challenges and obstacles so I can keep moving forward?
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