Balance Your Life

Balance Your Life

Do you get caught up in the daily grind of working and working, and doing and doing, and carrying out your responsibilities, obligations and the mile-long list of tasks you have written down, knowing sometimes that it is next to impossible to complete, however, you have the expectation that you will somehow complete it?

What does this constant pressure and stress of doing, doing, doing … DO to our body, our mind and our spirit and soul?

Many of us do not even stop to ponder this very question! You tell yourself you have no time, or you leave yourself no time to think or ponder or wonder or tune into source for guidance and peace, however, some of you will feel the effects as you “crash and burn” or get sick, or often something happens unexpectedly in order to stop us. That’s what happened to me in November 2007 when my Mom passed away. I had been doing, doing, doing for months; writing my book, working in and on my coaching business simultaneously, then I was forced to slow down to deal with my family, my mourning, and just to keep myself together. I tried to keep doing to avoid my feelings and avoid accepting the situation at hand, however, I soon found out that “being” is what I had to start practicing in order for my life to be more peaceful and in balance and to work more successfully. In this article I will share with you some of the things I have learned and do in order to keep in balance and stress-free.

What has happened to us Americans that we have forgotten what it is like to really live in-balance or just “to be”? We don’t take time off, or afternoon naps, or spend evening time with friends, or even take our due vacations without our electronics or checking email or voicemail every 5 seconds!!!!

A news report I saw a few weeks ago talked about how as a nation the U.S. employee takes less vacation days then most European countries do. In fact, it noted that in many European countries the employee gets a mandatory 1-month off, and many businesses just shut down during this time. They value time off and leisure time daily, weekly and seasonally more than we do. I have traveled all over the country and I really see how people live and be differently, they value time away from work to socialize, enjoy food and beverages and just BE!

What can you do to keep your life in balance and get the best out of you? Overall you must tune in and discover ALL your needs in order to balance them. If you don’t know yourself and/or your needs; this means to take time to get to know yourself or have a coach like me help you do this, or you can’t possibly have the fullest most successful balanced healthy life.

So do this…

1.      First you need to complete a comprehensive self-examination of your basic physical & biological needs;

2.      You need to understand your social/emotional needs;

3.      You need to explore what your fun and adventure needs are; and

4.      And lastly you need to look at what your business, career, financial needs are.


When you know your needs and then plan them into your schedule each day, week and month, you are better able to carry out your duties and tasks and be creative and open to new ideas, desire and opportunity. This is what I do each December at the end of the year to plan for the next year of success.

When I am stressed, overworked and under relaxed, I am clogged and my creativity does not flow. I am closed off to new ideas and opportunities from source, I procrastinate, and then I get frustrated with myself, causing negativity in my life and body. This is how we cut off from our own flow and attract negative things and dis-ease into our lives.

These are some of the ways I keep myself balanced, healthy and open to desire, ideas and opportunity:


• Powernap –

I plan into my schedule a 20-40 minute nap each day. I am able to be more focused and productive the later part of the day. This is a bio-physical need and it is important for you to know your specific needs and limits here.


• Get outside to smell the flowers, feel the sunshine, breathe the outside air –

Between clients I walk out into the courtyard to cleanse myself and renew my spirit and soul. I take in a bit of the sun out there in order to get my daily dose of Vitamin D; many medical doctors feel we are deficient in.


• Move your body –

Our bodies were designed to move, not to be sedentary all day. We need to move our energy and relieve daily stresses. I need a “Roto Rooter” type of workout at least every other day- this workout allows me to get my heart rate up to its maximum and I sweat out all the toxins and stress accumulated the following days. I also get the feel good hormone…aaahhhh!


• Meditate, pray, tune into source energy –

Just like a lamp needs to be plugged into an electric source to get power and be functional, we also need to plug in, in order to get the benefit of illumination. Plugging in and quieting our mind or ego, allows us to receive a different perspective from a different higher source. Try it, you’ll like it!


• Feed and water your body –

Another of your bio-physical needs. I need to eat every 3 hours to keep my blood sugar stable, my metabolism working continuously and my mood, creativity working optimally!


• Do something FUN, adventurous and/or different with your significant other or with friends –

There’s a part of you that wants to have fun, make sure you tune-in and listen to that part and balance you adult activities with some fun & adventure. I rollerblade, snow ski, sky-dive, dance, sail, rock-climb and horseback ride etc. When I do these things I get a new perspective on my current situation, I gain new ideas and clarity and often overcome procrastination and complete a project I had been avoiding.


• Clear your mind –

“Mind Dump”, write, talk out-loud, sing – We often need to clear our mind from all the demands, ego chatter, “to dos”, “should and shouldn’ts” of the day. Many of my clients have difficulty sleeping. I prescribe this technique of “mind dumping” on paper or out-loud talking or singing to many of my private clients and it helps them every time.


These are just a few of the many ways I have found help me live a healthier more balanced life. My hope is that you too can create a healthier more successful life this holiday season and in this New Year by gaining a different perspective. You then can transform your life into the heaven on earth you deserve NOW!



In order to be the person you have never been – and
In order to have the Life and Relationships you have never had …
YOU must do what you have never done before.


Author: Dr. Cindy Brown

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