Sir Richard Branson’s Secrets for Success

If the quote you just read speaks to your soul, watch this video to learn what Sir Richard Branson thinks is necessary for success.

Now that you’ve watched the video, take what you’ve learned and found ways to implement it immediately. The longer you hold on to knowledge without implementing it, the greater the chances your newfound knowledge will become the weight that holds you down and hampers your success.

Here’s how you can get started … 

1. Always keep in mind that is a company is simply a group of people. You have to be a good leader to get good results.  Do what’s necessary to become a better leader.   Start today.

2. Don’t think of anything as being something that you are beholden to.  Identity relationships that are no longer mutually beneficial and end them … responsibly.  Don’t delay.

3. Learn the art of delegation.  Make a list of the things you are doing in your business, but shouldn’t be doing.   Create SMART Goals for getting the help you need to get these things done.   See number 1 to strengthen your management skills.

4. Hire good people and give them the freedom to make mistakes.  See number 3 to get these good folks working in your company, quickly.

5. Build a company that can exist without you.  See number 4 to get the ball rolling.   If you need help using social marketing to create systems in your business, check out the UpwardAction Academy at