MogulMoxie Maven Spotlight: Zaneta Varnado Johns

MogulMoxie Maven Zaneta Varnado Johns

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Welcome to the latest edition of our beloved MogulMoxie® Maven series, where we spotlight women actively shaping the future with their impactful leadership and empowering actions.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to MogulMoxie® Maven Zaneta Varnado Johns, a source of inspiration and authentic leadership. Her story is a compelling illustration of the strength and dedication of women everywhere.

Meet Zaneta Varnado Johns: A Source of Inspiration and Authenticity

In her chapter, “Touching the World Line by Line,” Zaneta recounts a transformative conversation with God that set the course for her life’s mission. This journey also charts her evolution over three years into an internationally recognized poet, touching lives with her words.

Exploring Zaneta’s Path to Passion and Purpose

Zaneta’s narrative invites us to reflect on the pivotal moments that define us and the importance of pursuing our passions. Her journey shows us that it’s never too early or too late to follow what truly sets your heart ablaze and fulfills your life’s mission.

Embrace Your Passion and Purpose

Engaging with Zaneta’s story offers a chance to connect with your own dreams and what truly matters to your heart. It encourages you to boldly pursue your dreams, cherishing every step of your journey with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Experience the Artistry of Zan Expressions LLC

Through Zan Expressions LLC, Zaneta showcases her versatility, combining her success as a bestselling poet and author with her impactful role as a keynote speaker. This platform is dedicated to fostering connections and collaborations among artists and thinkers.

Connect with Zaneta

Feel inspired by Zaneta’s story and want to learn more? Visit her at or connect with her on Facebook at Author Zan Johns, Instagram at @authorzanjohns, or LinkedIn at Zaneta Varnado Johns.

Join Us in Celebrating Zaneta’s Journey

Join us in celebrating the empowering story of MogulMoxie® Maven Zaneta Varnado Johns. Her narrative is a powerful reminder of the impact of living with purpose and pursuing one’s passions, no matter the starting point. If Zaneta’s story resonates with you, we invite you to purchase our book and share your love with a 5-star review.


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