MogulMoxie Maven – Dr. Aikyna Finch

In this interview, you’ll meet Dr. Aikyna Finch –  an author, educator, and speaker who specializes in business and leadership, as well as marketing, social media, and information systems.

I’ve known Dr. Aikyna for many years through our connection on Twitter, Facebook – and now Periscope. She’s an inspiring go-getter who is always sharing and creating value.

Dr. Finch received a Doctorate of Management, MBA in Technology Management and Executive MBA from Colorado Technical University. She also has a Master of Management in Marketing Management from Strayer University, and a BS in Aeronautical Technology in Industrial Electronics from the School of Engineering at Tennessee State University.

It’s a privilege to share Dr. Aikyna Finch’s journey as a MogulMoxie® Maven!

Ambition is often a driving motivator in successful women. Let’s start here.

What does ambition mean to you? What role has it played in your life?

“I believe ambition is important for success. It is powered by self motivation – a topic that I speak and write about daily. If you don’t have ambition and drive, things just don’t get done – and you will be sitting on the sidelines instead of the forefront.”

Great perspective on how self-motivation leads to accomplishments.  

Tell us about what your ambition has inspired in your professional life. 

“I am an author, broadcaster, coach, and speaker. I have co-authored six books and solo wrote Motivation Ignited. I broadcast via the Motivate Social Podcast and Livestream through the company I co-own, Changing Minds Online LLC. I am a certified coach and speaker in the areas of life and social media through my company Finch and Associates LLC.”

You are busy! Tell us what a typical day in your busy work life is like.

“My typical day is when I talk to clients. I get to interview or be interviewed by others. I get to meet new trailblazers in my field. I get to pour into others live, on a livestream or YouTube video.
This is a typical day.”

You are certainly very driven to be able to accomplish so much, while inspiring people daily. What motivates you?

“What motivates me is my purpose. I know that my purpose is bigger than my comfort zone and I have people that I have to touch with my message, so I don’t take that lightly.”

You’re incredibly positive and uplifting!  

Have you yourself every struggled with confidence or courage in your career? If so, how did you overcome it?

“When you are first building your business and the clients are not coming like you want, that can be a hit to your confidence. What you have to realize that you have to grow and be consistent, and they will see your value.”

What advice can you give someone who feels like they are struggling to attract clients?

“Let the people know what you offer and how it can help them and they will come.”

Awesome – thanks for sharing that nugget of wisdom. Of course, starting out with just a few clients also means starting out with a limited cash flow.

What have you found helpful in increasing and managing your cash flow?

“Using Paypal to make it easy for people to pay me. Using Calendly to make it easy for people to set appointments with me. Marketing so people will know how I can help them solve their needs. These three things are important to helping increase my cashflow.”

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As a writer and speaker, I know you appreciate the power of language. What’s your favorite word and why does it mean so much to you? 

Greater. This word has so much power and purpose in a person’s life. I help others reach their greater no matter what it looks like for them.”

With all that you have accomplished thus far, what have you accomplished, created or build that makes you the proudest or most joyful?

My first solo book, Motivation Ignited.

Congratulations! What awards or honors have you received that make you the most proud?

I’m a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. I’m also a Huffington Post Contributor.

Very cool.  You’re often working on cool projects.

What’s coming up that you want our readers to know about?

I just released the book, “I Am More Than” with Vanessa Canteberry.  You can get this book on Amazon by clicking here.

Everyone can also attend my “Mindset, Money and Marketing webinar.  It’s airing on 3/29 at 7pm CST.  More information is on my website at

Sounds interesting! How can our readers keep up with you and your projects?

I am at @dradfinch on all social media handles


Website: ​

This interview was packed with inspiring and useful information from our MogulMoxie® Maven – Dr. Finch!

Here are a few key takeaways that you can use to increase your own moxie:

  • Self-motivation is the building block of success. ​Self-motivation becomes ambition, and ambition becomes results.
  • Don’t be stressed about a lack of clients; instead, focus on promoting your strengths. ​When you promote your skills and the reasons they’re valuable to others, the right clients will come to you.
  • Find your own purpose and let it inspire you. ​Like Dr. Finch, find your own meaning behind what you do, and let that meaning encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone.

Now that you’ve been inspired by our MogulMoxie® Maven – it’s your turn. What are you doing to do differently in your life or business?  Leave a comment. We want to hear from you!