MogulMoxie Maven: Heshie Segal

We’re thrilled to feature Heshie Segal in our MogulMoxie Mavens series of women who are transforming the world around them and beyond.

Heshie is the Founder and CEO of her companies JetNetting Connection and Kids Better World, LLC.  She is passionate about what she believes in, and uses her business assets to help the causes she cares about.

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible life journey of Heshie Segal. 

Let’s get started with your rich and expansive educational background.

Tell us about your experiences.

“My college education was one for the ages! To stand up for your beliefs, you must be aware they will come to define you. My father died when I was 16 and I was told there would not be money for me to attend college. I wanted that education, so I went from door to door to raise money for my tuition. I worked 40 hours per week, carried 17 credits per semester, and had loans, scholarships, and grants. This is how I learned to go after what I want.

In the first month of my studies, a Spanish Literature professor stated that ‘all Jews had horns and a tail.’ I stood up and said, ‘I am Jewish, and I do not have horns or a tail. I am dropping Spanish as my major and when I report you, you will be fired.’ I did what I said and she was fired.

I switched my major to Hebrew Studies, even though my college did not offer this as a major. They did, however, offer Hebrew courses at Rutgers U, the brother school to Douglass, an all-girls school. I convinced them to create a new curriculum and allow me to pursue my desired major.

In my senior year, encouraged by a majority of my classmates, I decided to run for President of the Hebrew Honor Society. I was a bit concerned because I had previously rebuffed the Department Head, who served as our faculty adviser, but I decided to run anyway. The highest office a female could hold was the VP, and, to this day, I am not sure why I didn’t argue that point. The Department Head’s son was the only male placed on ballot, so he won the position uncontested and I became VP. Out of curiosity, I did a bit of research and discovered that there were no rules other than those that were made up by the Department Head. I also found out that the Department Head had made advances on several female students and that no one had reported him. So, I did.

When I think about all of this now, I realize that my college education planted the seeds for my becoming an activist of sorts. I acted when others watched and remained silent.”

Wow! It takes courage to stand up to people in positions of power, especially when you are young.

What do you want other ambitious/successful women to know?

“Invest in your education. Be wise about it. Do the research, and invest with those whose values you hold strong. We all need money so we can live and so we can give. Let there be a balance, and never think that you are becoming better than another person. We all have gifts. Use your strengths to your advantage and advocate for others to do the same. Make space and encourage others to shine.

After college, I enrolled in a Masters/Certification program in early childhood education. Having completed 30 of the 48 credits required for this special program, and having achieved all A’s, my now ex-husband, decided he would no longer babysit for our two small children and I could not complete my degree. While I have gotten over it (well, probably not completely), I now counsel young women to claim what is theirs (and ­ to take full control over their own lives). There is a distinct tendency for men to take what they feel is theirs while women ask permission. (This is not a statement against men ­ rather a comment that women must have the same rights.)”

We can tell how strongly you feel about becoming educated.

Tell us about your experiences in non-traditional education.

“I have spent a few hundred thousand dollars on courses and mastermind groups, etc. Some produced a good return, often more in connections than knowledge. What I really learned is the importance of doing research before paying big bucks. Many speakers/leaders become so caught up in their own self-importance, they change the core of their being and become addicted to their money/power. I know all too many of them personally from having done so much work. I do think people should invest in themselves and learn as much as possible.”

What about business coaching? Tell us about working with a coach.

“Giving credit where it is due has become a cornerstone of who I am. While I generally omit names, I have one person in this world who has given me more education than all the others combined. Laura Szabo­Cohen, who has been my coach for over two decades, has given me life, enlightenment, love, courage and the tools I have needed not only to help myself but to help all those I have encountered.

It is through her guidance I have become who I am and I would only hope that every single person on this earth could find such a blessed soul to be their personal angel.”

Wow. That is a beautiful testimony. It’s truly a blessing to have such a powerful connection with a coach!

Tell us about your business and the evolution of your Work.

“Like so many others, I have gone through several entrepreneurial ventures. I was determined to work on my own schedule and build my own dreams rather than someone else’s. I developed a system called JetNetting; the networking alternative, building deep and long-lasting relationships quickly.

If I can call it a misfortune, JetNetting was well before it’s time and evolved during a period when the focus was much more on productivity via systems, not people. I have been using it successfully since 1996 and am seeing the pendulum shift towards making my system one of the absolute keys to success. Relationships are currency in the 21st Century.

I am writing also book called The Good Whistle Blower; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Network Marketing and I am very excited about the difference it will make in people’s lives because of its focus on collaboration over competition.”

You lead a very full life! How do you get everything done? Tell us about a day in your life.

“I am a big picture thinker who gets attracted and captured by shiny objects. I check my e-mail. Post on social media, do my ‘Happy Birthday roll call’ on Facebook, write at least five JetNetting sayings, and find a few people who I can support each day.

This may sound crazy, but if I could have a favorite day, let’s say once a week, it would have unencumbered time with my little children in Africa. I would teach them tie-dying, embroidering, or other crafts, and just spend time with them.”

Have you ever struggled with confidence in your business or your career? Tell us about it.

“My self-esteem was very low at one point, and I would give everything away. My life coach Laura was my rock and my shield. Without her, I am not sure what paths I might have taken. Although she is not a business coach, I learned that before you can do business, you must have a life!

For a long time, I had been embroidering as a hobby and I loved it, so I jumped at the opportunity to accompany a business owner to an embroidery trade show. She asked if I could help her negotiate a cheaper price for some goods, and I agreed. I slashed her costs by 70%!

When we got home, I asked her what I would be paying for things I purchased from her in the future. 10% off the retail figure. I was floored. I went back to the people whom I had negotiated with and told them I wanted to open my own business. Penniless, I borrowed $1000 from my mother to build a mail-order embroidery business. Three years later, I had a business worth $300,000 in wholesale inventory.”

That’s an impressive growth rate! What has been helpful to you in increasing and managing your cashflow?

“Multiple Streams of Income. When one income goes astray, you must have another to take its place. I also find that attaching what you do to a social cause makes a huge difference. Make money while making a difference!

In the past year or so I decided to invest in a revenue producing website, which means that no matter what, money will flow in every month; freeing me to follow my heart. Money will be working for me, rather than me always working for money”

Awesome message! Tell us about one of the toughest things you have had to do in your career and what you’ve learned from it.

“It is difficult for me to tell someone I am not going to work with them if they do not help themselves by putting effort towards their commitments. This is particularly important in the network marketing industry. I grow to love people and want to help them succeed, but I’ve learned a bit about tough love and drawing a line! It does not feel good, yet it is essential for both parties.

I have also learned that focus is an absolute necessity. I want to do so much and know that time is limited. When I force myself to focus on one thing at a time, it gets done!”

What’s coming up that you want our readers to know about?

“I am launching my social media site,, on which people who do good in the world can socially connect. I would love for your readers stay in touch with me to support the launch and benefit from the exposure it can provide.

Puritii for Humanity (clean water for kids and humankind) will be launched in March and those interested can become part of this grassroots movement. I’m determined to be on more stages and will be donating my speaking proceeds to Kids Better World and other non-profits.”

Would you like to tell us about anything that hasn’t already been asked?

Yes!  My husband, Werner Berger is totally awesome! He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest person in the world to have climbed the highest mountain on all seven continents, including Mt. Everest. He has embarked on re­climbing them starting July 2017, when he celebrates his 80th birthday on July 16 on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

His purpose is to inspire people of all ages to live their lives with greater purpose, passion, health and fulfillment. I would love to have people come with us, do the Safari first, celebrate with Werner on the climb (making a bit of history) and for those who are not ready to climb, stay on with me and work with the kids!

Wow! You two are AMAZING! How can our readers keep up with you and learn more about you?

I am on social media. Simply connect with me, Heshie Segal on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

You can also reach me by e-mail at HeshieSegal{@}

This has been an incredible interview with Heshie Segal filled with the wisdom of experience and insightfulness of a life that is being well-lived. 

Here are a couple of things from Heshie’s interview with us that you can put into action right now: 

  • Commit yourself to what you want and focus!  
  • Speak up for what you believe in even when others are silent.

Now that you’ve been inspired by the journey of our MogulMoxie® Maven Heshie Segal – it’s your turn. What are you going to do differently in your own life or business? We want to hear about it!”


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