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I had the pleasure of meeting PEGINE (she goes by her first name only) through the National Speaker’s Association (“NSA”). Thanks to NSA’s Facebook group, I’ve come to know and deeply appreciate Pegine as a successful business woman, master speaker, coach and incredible human being.  Pegine has an incredible journey through life that will touch your heart and inspire your action.

Sidebar: Have you tapped into the power of social media groups yet? Facebook and LinkedIn groups provide effective platforms for getting to know people and building rainmaking relationships that can transform your business and your life. So … if you haven’t already, join and become active in social media groups that support your personal and professional goals. NOW … back to our interview with the oh-so-fabuous Pegine. 

I know that you, like me, believe in the importance of becoming educated (whether formal or informal) and your educational background is truly inspiring, so let’s start there. Tell us about it. 

I have a BA from Hunter College where I majored in Theater and Education (New York), a Certificado De Extranjeros Universidad de Madrid (Madrid, Spain), a Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University (New York), and an Entrepreneurial Certificate from Hofstra University (New York).

It took me more than 8 years to get my BA. I had gone to college, dropped out quickly, and went to Spain. I had left a really bad situation in New York City. I was in a gang and had really low confidence, and my self esteem was at the bottom of the barrel.

While in Spain (I lived there for 3 years), I gained confidence because I started my own business, learned to speak Spanish and took courses at the University in SPANISH! When I arrived I could hardly speak Spanish. I returned to the States, worked during the day (this girl had to make a living), and went to school at night.

I tell people it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get your degree, you just do it. No one has ever asked me “Did you graduate in 4 years?”  or “What was your GPA?”   No one cares about that stuff. People care about what you have accomplished and what you can do for them.

Wow, your incredible Moxie is making us leap inside! You not only left a negative situation, but you sought out another opportunity to learn and grow where you landed!  

Tell us more about what ambition means to you and the role it has played in your life.

Ambition means choosing to live the life you imagined for yourself. It means having the vision and determination daily to live with the end in mind. I have been told, often, that I am ambitious, intense, intimidating and I’ve always laughed. Aren’t I supposed to want more for me? Don’t we tell people to strive to be our best selves? I just know that I am supposed to be who I decided I wanted to be. It is a calling for me. It is my spirit. It is more than ambition to me. It is as though I know I am supposed to be living at a certain level and create powerful, positive experiences for me and those around me. I feel alive when I am in my truth.

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. The truth is I can’t not be who I see myself being and every time I reach a place where I’m like, “Yep, I’m here,” then there is another desire for me that pops up. It’s awesome.

And I’m sure your determination to live the life you see for yourself has manifested in your business!

Tell us more about your business.

My business is producing extraordinary experiences worldwide inspiring others to lead. We hire to deliver three services: keynote speaking, high-end live experiences with professional role players for executives to practice impact, influence and skills to inspire others, and executive coaching. We work with Fortune 1000 companies (Walmart, GM, HSBC Bank), large and small businesses, the military, and governments. We work with organizations that want to increase leadership effectiveness, deal effectively with change, increase communication skills to have impact, influence and inspire others, increase collaboration among team members and stakeholders, and increase market share among diverse communities.

Your company is doing so much to help businesses and organizations!

What have been some of your accomplishments over the years?

I’ve been the president of a direct selling company, national sales manager for Pierre Cardin Gant menswear, director of operations of a menswear manufacturer, director and creator of the top ten Latino Family Support Centers in the country.

My company, Team Pegine, Inc. was named the #3 of the 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies. Macy’s and Minority Business Enterprise Magazine named me one of 3 women who rock in business in the US. I am the only Latina inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and one of only 8 women.

My books include Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt and Bragging Rights Transform Your Team in 21 Days. I was the only Latina for a long time in the Million Dollar Speakers Group (verified sales of over 1 million dollars).

With all of your phenomenal accomplishments, we’d love to hear what a typical day looks like in your work life.

My typical day includes mediating and writing in my journal, speaking to an accountability partner, focusing on income producing activities — for me that means spending one hour on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter). I comment, share articles and stay engaged, and I get referrals because of it!

I make at least 8 calls in a typical day. I ensure that I’m focusing on high reward activities, so I focus on my top 25 influencers and fans who love me and refer me. I focus on business activities to meet contractual and business obligations.

I take a 4-mile walk. I have conversations with God during my walk, which is highly productive for me!

In the evening I watch a Spanish Novela.This is how I keep my Spanish thinking head alive (I do programs in Spanish and do interviews in Spanish, however, most of my day is spent in English).

I have quiet time with my husband of over 30 years.

In between I write, do my new PegineTV show and volunteer.

The way you prioritize throughout your day is impressive and brings you positive results! But we all know distractors come up.

Tell us about one of the toughest things you’ve had to do in business and what you’ve learned from it.

In business I lost a 5 million dollar contract and another big contract within one week. I had hired people, taken out loans to cover cash flow, it all crashed in 2013 with government shutdown and sequestration. I had to let go of 50 people who were excited to be hired and make money over the following 3 years. They didn’t even start. I had to let go of long term team members. It was AWFUL. I let go of my big office. It was rough.

By 2014 I was in a pissy, angry phase. I was angry with institutions, the government and everybody. I played the victim role to the hilt. “This was done to me!” Sad … really sad. The blessing for me was that in spite of all that was going on I still listened to my motivational messages, I still hung around positive people, I still wrote, I prayed a lot. I didn’t tell others what was going on. I was always going to have a positive face. My close friends knew that I was going through a rough time. They could see it in my face and demeanor. I only spoke to trusted advisers. Rough times.

By 2015 I realigned my thinking and became grateful, positive and joyous. I realized that I didn’t like having the big office. I didn’t want to be responsible for people’s livelihoods. I wanted to be flexible, free, independent and flourish. That is such a big gift for me. I don’t have to run my business in the same way.

By 2016 I landed Walmart and GM. In business it happens, You pick yourself up, know that all is working in your favor and that you will be okay. I’ve lived with nothing and have been happy. I’ve lived with a lot and was happy. It is all good. It is a daily work. That is why I invest in the time to meditate, journal and surround myself with enthusiastic, successful people who invest in their own mindset.

You’ve experienced some amazing growth in response to cash flow issues.

What has been helpful to you in increasing and managing your cash flow?

Learning to evaluate every cost. Do I really need that service? Is it bringing me the ROI that I want. There are so many memberships, subscriptions, services out there and they seem like just a little bit of money. However, when you really look at it you notice WOW, you’re spending thousands of dollars! You have to evaluate that and keep the pipeline full.

You have to constantly be marketing, selling and promoting. That pipeline has to be filled. You have to figure out how to fill it and then keep filling it. This becomes a challenge when lots of business comes in. Now you are servicing your clients and often let the marketing hustle fall to the wayside. It is an imperative that you have systems and processes in place so they keep working for you. If you don’t … who will?

It is important to have great banking relationships with BUSINESS BANKERS, not the branch manager or the customer service person. As you start making money you want to meet with business bankers. Remember, they are salespeople.

As we grew our business, I started hosting banking speed dating sessions. I invited the top 7 business bankers to come to my office on one day. They had 20 minutes to make a pitch to us about their services and why I should bank with them. I had my accountant, VP of operations, logistics person and me. We had different questions and needs from our perspective for Team Pegine. It was enlightening. They came prepared and shared so many services that we had no idea existed. They were on their A game and it enabled me to understand banking in a very different way.

I love your detailed advice on increasing and maintaining cash flow. Earlier you beautifully described coming back from a financial bottom.

Will you share more with us about what motivates you?

I love being as giddy with expectation like a kid on Christmas morning. I like expecting really great things. So part of my drive is to realize the gifts I so want to experience. I love that. I love using my energy to refocus my head when it goes down the wrong path to use my energy to say “STOP IT – Refocus!” and “Get it together!”

I’m a firm believer in positive mental attitude and the Law of Attraction. I am very careful about who I hang out with and what I listen to. I want to attract what I want, and what I want is good, prosperous, productive and has impact. So I need to stay focused on that. That motivates me. I have control of what I think, experience and want.

You’re really grown to have a real solid focus at this point in your career. Have you ever struggled with confidence and/or courage in your career?

Tell us about it and how you’ve overcome the struggle.

YES, YES, YES! From the beginning I felt worthless because I grew up hearing often, “You will be just like your sister, a prostitute and junkie!” I didn’t hear it from my Mom but from the neighborhood. My dad was a drunk, we moved so many times in the middle of the night. He hit my mom and enough was enough. She divorced him. After a bit I never saw him again. I was molested by a favorite uncle. Kicked out of one high school, just graduated from the second.

In my teens I didn’t have high self esteem. I did have enthusiasm and was called La Loca cause I loved to sing, dance anywhere, anytime. In the gang I was the recruiter (first sales job).

Fast forward, I learned about Success Magazine and positive mental attitude materials. My mom started going to self awareness seminars and bringing home materials. Through those lessons I learned to invest in my mindset. I am always reading a book about success, business, leadership, growth, sales, mindset, law of attraction. I am always listening to motivational messages, I listen to CDs and MP3s . It’s an investment in my life. It has changed my world. It is the best gift I give to myself. I also go to motivational rallies, they make a difference to me. It is a daily work. That’s why I invest in the time to meditate, journal and surround yourself with enthusiastic, successful people who invest in their own mindset.

Having come through so many challenges growing up, do you now consider yourself unusual, strange, weird, or pretty normal?

I am so unusual, weird and unique. I LOVE standing out and being the one and only. It took me a long time to be okay with that. Now I realize that this is one of my best gifts. My feisty, fearless, focused, fun persona. Love it a lot!

I really LOVE the words you use to describe your persona! What’s your favorite word and why?

Influence – I believe influence is power. Who you know is powerful because building strong connections that can open doors for you and for them is critical. How you can influence others is powerful. It is powerful to be able to influence outcomes, decisions, choices for the greater good and for your own good. Influence is a key strategic skill and a powerful tool to have.

You’re incredibly influential, and you shared many of your accomplishments earlier.

Now I’m curious to know which of your more personal accomplishments — as a woman at home and as a businesswoman — makes you the most proud or bring you the most joy?

As a person, I am really proud of who I have become and how I have changed. It is remarkable and gives me great joy.

As a mom. I’m so proud of my two children. They are adults now who both own their own home, are married to great people, are leaders in their industry, are doing what they love. They both serve our country. My son is in the National Guard and is a VP at a Bank. My daughter is a Captain in the Army doing really important work for our national security. Both are living their dreams.

As a wife, I’m proud to be married for 30+ years. I worked at it, I had to grow, shift and change. So grateful that I did. As a businesswoman, I love that I’ve helped my employees, staff and clients thrive and succeed.

I love that I’ve worked with the White House, thousands of military officers, thousands of executives. I love that I have been in business for over 20 years. I love being an entrepreneur that was able to provide my family with a great life with the satisfaction that I make a difference through our services and products. I love that because of our work, clients have had impact, they have influence, and they inspire others day in and day out to do great in our world.

With all of the accomplishments you’ve achieved, what awards and honors have you received that make you the most proud?

Motivational Speakers’ Hall of Fame, there are only 58 members. In 2016 Minority Business Magazine and Macy’s selected me as one of three “Women Who Rock in Business.” I was given the award at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the USA. Then a Hispanic business magazine named me the top female earning motivational speaker and the number two top earning speaker overall of Hispanic descent.

You’ve got so much going on in your business

life! What’s coming up that you want our readers to know about?

My new show just started “Pegine TV is Leadership TV” – you can watch it at
New books are being written as we speak; I’ve written four already.  Check them out and order at

You highlighted how important social media is to your business and it the same for my business.

How can our readers keep up with you?

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I so appreciate, Pegine Echevarria! Her story is amazing and it’s been a joy to share her Moxie with you! 

Here are just a few lessons learned from PeginePower:

❖ Pegine has experienced amazing growth as the result of tough personal and financial challenges throughout her life. She’s always remained open to new opportunities, and when she encountered them, she embraced them!

❖ Pegine’s daily routine includes posting on social media because it positively impacts her business. We can all follow suit and be positively impacted!

❖ In her own words: “I LOVE standing out and being the one and only. It took me a long time to be okay with that. Now I realize that this is one of my best gifts.” There truly is power in being your genuine self!

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Blessings!  ~ TC

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