MogulMoxie® Maven: Jon’ll Boyd

Get to know wife, mom, and CEO Jon’ll Boyd.

In this interview, we’re featuring Jon’ll Boyd, founder, and CEO of Completely Yours Events. I know Jon’ll thanks to our connection with the Flourish Leadership Conference for Women. She, along with her impeccable team at Completely Yours Events, has planned this national conference since its creation.

Jon’ll receive her BS degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and later earned a Wedding and Event Planning certification from the Lovegevity Institute of Weddings.

Thank you so much for being apart of our MogulMoxie® Maven series, Jon’ll. Please tell us about your business.  

I am the CEO of Completely Yours Events, an award-winning international event planning and design firm.

Interesting! What makes an event ‘Completely Yours’?

We believe every event, like every person and every organization, is completely unique. It has its own DNA.  A Complete Yours, we promise to only bring to life experiences that impact and transform our clients for a lifetime.

Planning must require a lot of careful thought and attention to detail. What does a typical day in your work life look like?

A typical day in my work life starts off being a Mommy (which is work)! Getting both of my sons dressed, fed, and off to school or a sitter.

Then I typically jump on client conference calls or attend in-person meetings. Site visits at venues and meetings with my team to discuss upcoming events.

Then it’s time to begin pick-up for the boys. I get dinner ready, bathe them, get them into their pajamas, and then down for bed.

Usually, once the house is quiet, I can get a bit more work done before calling it a night. Then it’s time to do it all over again the next day!

You are clearly managing a lot of responsibility. What have you accomplished that brings you the most pride or joy?

My two boys are my greatest accomplishment. I’m a boy mom. 😊

Your ability to raise two sons while being a wife and the CEO of your own company is truly impressive.

How do you find the energy to balance your work as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur?

Ambition is what fuels me. It’s the desire to want to figure out what your purpose is here on earth. Ambition for me has always pushed me to go beyond what I perceived to be my own capabilities. It’s like being in competition with yourself.

Competing with yourself sounds both motivating and stressful. Do you ever find yourself questioning your self-confidence as an entrepreneur? Can you offer any advice for dealing with this struggle?

As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time by yourself. You make decisions alone. You try to work through challenges and opportunities alone. Sometimes I need to get out of my bubble and coexist with other like-minded professionals.

I’m sure you’re not the only entrepreneur who needs to feel like part of a community sometimes. Do you feel like you return the favor and assist your fellow entrepreneurs?

I lead a team of 4 talented and enthusiastic event planners. I am also the founder and creator of The Planners Suit Conference, which came out of my passion to assist and advocate for other planners. I speak nationally to inspire, educate, and motivate planners and creatives to build a solid business foundation.

Wow! You’ve really left your mark on your industry. Are there any other business-related awards you have been proud to receive?

We were featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding publication in 2016, which was a huge honor!

Congratulations!  We are honored to be spotlighting you in this blog post. I have a bit of a random question before we wrap up: What’s your favorite word, and why?

Eventagious – to live life on your own terms; to be eventful and courageous.

Fantastic!  I love it. How can our readers keep up with you?

I’m accessible through our website and social media accounts.   Let’s connect! 


Instagram: @the_eventfullife

Facebook Pages: Completely Yours Events

Readers can also learn more about the Flourish Leadership Conferences at

As always, this has been an awesome interview with our MogulMoxie® Maven.

Here are a few lessons from our interview you can take with you: 

  • Consider your client’s needs to be completely unique.
  • Reach out to like-minded individuals when you need support.
  • Remember to value the work you do – all of it … even if you don’t get paid for it.

Now, it’s your time.  Let us know how journeying with Jon’ll or any of our MogulMoxie® Mavens have impacted you. Simply leave a comment below. Blessings! 

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