Affirmation:  I Choose What I Believe

Affirmation: I Choose What I Believe

I have the power to choose what I believe. Your beliefs govern your mindset. Your mindset governs your actions. Your actions govern your result. So, you see, it all starts with what you believe. Here's the good news.  You have the power to choose what you will believe.    If you need a little inspiration in keeping your beliefs in line with your vision for success, keep reading. I recognize the impact my beliefs have on…
Affirmation:  I am moving in the direction of my dreams.

Affirmation: I am moving in the direction of my dreams.

I am the body in motion that stays in motion. I consistently move in the direction of my dreams. Forward Movement is essential to building the moxie (e.g., courage, confidence and swag) of a mogul. This universal law of physics applies to both my body and mind. Once I start an activity, it’s easy to maintain momentum. Knowing this, I can soar past obstacles in my path and remain focused on my tasks and goals.…
Affirmation: I will achieve my goals

Affirmation: I Will Achieve My Goals

Passion is a prerequisite for achieving your goals and realizing your dreams. Without passion, the struggles and obstacles that are a natural part of the journey to success will be overwhelming, and you'll quit before you win. One of the most effective ways to stay passionate about achieving your goals, building the moxie of a mogul, and ultimately WINNING at life is to repeat powerful affirmations. If you're ready to start affirming your way to…
Affirmation:  I Love My Life

Affirmation: I Love My Life

I LOVE my life. When repeated with emotion and urgency that literally penetrates your spirit, affirmations have the power to transform your life. When on the journey to transform your life, it is essential first to envision a life that you love. Keep reading to start (or continue) the process ... Because I recognize that life is fleeting, I focus on making each minute count. I work hard to create the most fascinating, fun, and…
Affirmation:  I Will Succeed

Affirmation: I Will Succeed

TODAY'S AFFIRMATION Even if I take a wrong turn, I will find another route to success. I was built to last. I will succeed. Lasting success requires the stamina to run a marathon (not a sprint), and the path is full of twists and unexpected turns.   Your ability to keep going will depend, in large part, on your will, desire  and commitment to succeed.   Whenever you find yourself feeling tired or discouraged about doing what…
Getting Started with Social Media

Getting Started with Social Media

Listen in as I share a few tips for using social media to grow your business.  I'm specifically addressing lawyers in this video; however, these tips are highly effective for all service-based businesses.     Bless and Be Blessed! ~TC Cooper
Learn How to Make Your Brand Magnetic

Learn How to Make Your Brand Magnetic

Listen in I share key tips for building leveraging the Internet to build a magnetic brand that attracts ideal clients and premier business opportunities.    Visit to learn more about how you can use social media marketing to attract your ideal clients and convert them into paying clients.      
Richard Branson Secrets for Success

Sir Richard Branson’s Secrets for Success

[Tweet "Pure determination and an unrelenting will to succeed is a gift.  Don't squander it. ~TC Cooper"] If the quote you just read speaks to your soul, watch this video to learn what Sir Richard Branson thinks is necessary for success. Now that you've watched the video, take what you've learned and found ways to implement it immediately. The longer you hold on to knowledge without implementing it, the greater the chances your newfound knowledge will…
Sir Richard Brandson -

Sir Richard Branson on Success

[Tweet "To create a business, you've got to initially work day, night & weekends. It's hard work. ~ Sir Richard Branson"]   Invest less than 5 minutes watching this video of Sir. Richard Branson being interviewed by LinkedIn's executive editor Daniel Roth, and learn what Sir Branson would do if he lost everything and had to rebuild his success.   Sir Branson also talks about his involvement with the project The Elders - an independent group of global leaders working together for…
A Prayer for Direction

A Prayer for Direction

Communing with God Prayer is the gateway through which we have direct access to our Father in heaven.  Prayer provides an opportunity to spend time with God and find peace in the comfort of God's presence. Through prayer, we have the power to make our requests known to God and, most importantly, hear from God what He would have us to do in our lives. When you're lost, confused and unsure of what to say…